Creative Writing_Planning Skills_Level One_Structured Plan
Using pictures and colours to express thoughts - writing is not required
This exercise is suitable for children aged 4 to 7 years.  (A similar form of Structured Plan which is more suitable for older children aged 8 through to adults is listed under Level Two Creative Writing Planning Skills.)  Allow about fifteen minutes for this lesson.  This is an enjoyable exercise to do as often as required.  This exercise introduces story-planning to young children, and especially to dyslexics and dyspraxics, in a way which encourages creativity, originality and enjoyment.  There need be no writing involved, although there are two follow-up activities to cater for different levels of writing ability.  This exercise is based primarily on expressing the student's own ideas in a structured way using images.  A benefit of this exercise is that the final result can be used as personal reading practice to motivate the young dyslexic or dyspraxic reader.  You will receive by e-mail a two-page PDF to print which contains full instructions for this lesson.