Spelling Skills_Spelling Patterns_-ee-_'bee' Story
A creative project to memorise many words sharing the spelling pattern '-ee-'
This technique is suitable for children aged 6 through to adults.  Allow over an hour for this lesson.  This technique gives a good grounding in the use of the spelling pattern 'ee'.  The knowledge it brings can avoid many of the dyslexia and dyspraxia-related problems of knowing when to use 'ee' and when to use 'ea'.  This pictorial-based technique involves the dyslexic or dyspraxic, in a way which will suit him or her, to link a set of 'ee' words together in long-term memory.  While minimal writing is required, much drawing and imagination is called on.  This technique also helps to train the dyslexic or dyspraxic to analyse a word into its constituent sounds.  You will receive by e-mail a one-page PDF to print which contains full instructions for this lesson.