Visual Sequential Memory Skills_Level Five_Vowels B
A more difficult game to advance visual sequential memory skills
This game is suitable for children aged 8 through to adults.  Allow under ten minutes for this lesson.  This game is designed to follow the games to develop visual sequential memory skills from Level Four .  As a more challenging sequel to Level Four's Vowels A, this game contains only the most similar-shaped vowel letters.  This fun game stimulates visual sequential memory skills by encouraging the dyslexic or dyspraxic to recall a series of vowel letters in a pictorial way.  Once the dyslexic or dyspraxic is confident at playing this game, he or she could progress to Level Six , which uses a sequence not of single vowel letters, but of pairs of vowels (digraphs), as an ultimate test of visual sequential memory ability.  You will receive by e-mail a two-page PDF to print which contains full instructions for this lesson.